Almnas Tegel (Footprint)

Almnas Tegel (Footprint)

Pasteurized, Cows' Milk, Organic, Sweden


This handmade, organic cow's milk, brick-shaped Swedish cheese is made with NO artificial products and has a reddish-colored, natural rind which is achieved with saltwater washes. After being aged  for 28 months it emerges aromatic and with the distinctive caramel notes of many Scandinavian cheeses.

It is happily eaten with fruit and nuts, wine and beer or in the Swedish way, thinly sliced on buttered hard bread for breakfast.  It also works well in gratins and grated into salads.  

Footprint has a long and terrific pedigree stretching back to the 17th century and is made on a huge farm on the shores of Lake Vattern which, over the last 400 years, has housed many artisanal workshops including a brick factory.  When the farmer's children scampered barefoot on the drying bricks they left their footprints... and now the farm's cheese producer pays playful homage to them by making their small footprints into the the cheese's logo... and nickname!


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