Castillo de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Castillo de Canena Extra Virgin Olive Oil


These sumptuous Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Spain are homages to the joy of the harvest as the oil is extracted no more than four hours after the fruit is collected.  Arbequina First Day Harvest is 100% Arbequina oil with a clean and bright yet complex taste.  It has intense aromas of herb and olive and is in harmony with fruity flavors and yields an aftertaste of almond.  Picual First Day Harvest -- 100% Picual oil has an intense green color and flavors of olive, herb, leaf, thistle and artichoke.  It is gently bitter and spicy on the tongue.  Bio, this 100% Picual oil is produced using bio-dynamic methods and yields grassy and vegetable notes.  All of these oils are recommended for salads, soups, cured hams, cheese and grilled meats.


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