WaldoStone Bloody Mary Mix

WaldoStone Bloody Mary Mix


These delicious Bar Mixers are elixirs made with at least 12 veggies and citrus juices. Bloody Lobster Cocktail  contains Maine lobster  broth and artisan-made horseradish.  Bloody Oyster Cocktail is made with Damariscotta River Oyster Broth and artisan-made horseradish.

NEW TO THE MIX - Retro Bloody Cocktail - everything that you would expect from a traditional Bloody Mary mix and more.  A blend of the usual plus cucumber juice, tamarind, molasses and other unique flavors. AND, Bloody Veggie Cocktail - the healthiest cocktail mix around.  All of your favorite veggies in one serving, carrot, beet, celery, spinach, lettuce, onion parsley and lime juice, vegetable broth, tomato paste, horseradish root, hot cherry pepper, jalapeno juice, red pepper puree and more. The list goes on...Your daily requirements, in moderation of course.  

750 ml


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