Capra Cremosa Tartufo

Capra Cremosa Tartufo

Pasteurized, Goats' Milk, Truffles, Italy


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, this cheese is truly beautiful! From the individual ‘cupcake’ size, to the pure white of the fresh goat’s milk cheese, paired with the extravagant shavings of fresh truffle on top, every angle of this Capra Cremosa Tartufo is divine. And the taste is even better. A tiny bite of this cheese fills your mouth with a woodsy, earthy, tang. Infused with the essence of truffle, the bright white goat cheese has a texture reminiscent of ricotta, but lighter. It is a creamy cheese that is spreadable (wonderful on brown bread!), but can be eaten with fresh fruit and marmalade, too. Elegant and extravagant. Perfect for a cheese platter or as an accompaniment to breakfast in bed.

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